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Print your own zine!


It’s not laziness, honest, but a response to a request I get all the time – can I make a PDF version of the Tokyo Shopping Guide? Well, apparently I can, so you can now buy one in the shop, download it and print it yourself!

It’s great for last minute travelers who only discover the guide just before they jet off to Tokyo, don’t have time to wait for the postman and would prefer not to print out a pile of web pages. I’ve streamlined it for printing so it’s got all the same shopping information as the pre-printed version but none of the extras and only includes images of the shops and their logos to save you some ink. It also includes a special discount voucher in case you want to order the real thing, or the Ten Days in Tokyo zine on your return.

The main reason I haven’t done this sooner is that I knew eventually someone mean would get a hold of it and print copies or resell it for their own gain. But with this cut-down version, you’re not getting anything that isn’t available in the online version – it’s just edited and laid out better for quick printing.

One question I do have though – the PDF is laid out for A4 paper but I know Letter size is very popular in the US. Would a Letter-sized version be a good idea or, indeed, any other international paper size? Please let me know in the comments!

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