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Apparently it’s badge making month here at Asking For Trouble! This is a new set of badges called, of course, I Like Bears. I have been drawing an awful lot of bears lately so it was time to set some free into the world of products. These make me very happy indeed.

I especially like the first bear, who may need some explaining. Here is the original doodle:


When I drew him, I had the idea he had just missed the bus and it was raining and thus he is shaking his fist at the disappearing bus and wishing he’d remembered an umbrella, or a hat. Obviously, I relate to this situation A LOT. Having no wish to draw a bus, I instead added a mischievious ghost. What the ghost did to upset the bear so much, I will leave to your imagination.


I’ve also been fiddling with my badge packaging a bit. It may not look any different to you but it includes a backing sheet inside a much taller bag which makes the whole thing much sturdier. So if you buy a badge set for a gift, or to keep perfectly sealed in your badge tin rather than wearing them (or is it just me who does that?), then they should hold up a lot better.

I’m also pondering some kind of pick ‘n’ mix badge buying thing for the shop as it seems that everyone’s favourite part of my stall is the bowl of badges you can rummage in.

And finally, you should TOTALLY join my newsletter as I now have a super-fancy MailChimp deal and the next newsletter will have pictures and other such awesomeness. Plus special offers just for you! If you were subscribed to the previous mailing list then you’re already subscribed, yay!

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