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So, I have a problem. I invented the book heart back in May last year and they’ve been one of my best sellers. So much so, that my local Paperchase has sold out of the metal clips, put the price up and restocked and now sold out again with no sign of a restock. I’m guessing the recent Borders store closures haven’t helped either. I now only have a few boxes left and I have so many things I still want to try with them.

So, I need your help! I am stockpiling boxes of heart clips whenever I, or my nearest and dearest see any but we’re only covering Glasgow and London.

heart clips

If you live near a Borders or Paperchase store, can you have a look for heart clips next time you’re passing? They come in boxes like the above and are normally hanging on an aisle end along with push pins and stickers and things. I don’t want the flower shaped ones, just the hearts. I need the receipt too so hang on to it after.

I will repay you the full cost plus postage + packing and  your bus fare too if you have to go out of your way. OR you can double that as store credit against anything in my shop. I will take all you can find! If you can help, please email me via hello AT and I will love you forever. Thank you! Please tell your friends too.

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