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Cakeify Stickers!

Oh, the guilt of blog neglect! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been busy this week working on a secret project. Of course, the whole problem with secret projects is that you can’t talk about them, except in this sort of annoying way. I’ll be signing a contract soon and then I’ll have a better idea what I can tell you and when! All I can say just now, is that one or more of my patterns should be gracing an exciting product range this Winter, and it’s something I can’t make myself.

While you wait (sorry!), why not enjoy these cute little Cakeify stickers I had made. I was running out of the blank stickers that I usually stamp with my logo so this seemed like a good idea, plus they look super cute sealing up orders. I also got Jammie Dodger address labels which I’m sticking on all my parcels too.

Speaking of parcels, the Royal Mail strikes are becoming a bit of an issue. I myself have a load of new stock hiding somewhere in the mail system and there may be delays in deliveries in your area. The only advice I can give just now is shop early! I already have my two Christmas card designs available in the shop so why not get organised early? I’ll be sure to keep you posted (hah!) on further Royal Mail developments. Let’s hope they see sense and work things out.

I’ll be having a giveaway this week to make up for the neglect, just as soon as I finish wrestling with these 90mb Photoshop files.

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