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So many new things!


As expected, half the packages I have been waiting for all arrived in the same 48 hours meaning I am swamped in boxes and packaging and EXCITING NEW THINGS.

I am slowly getting them photographed and listed but here’s a few to get you started:


New cards! I feel like I have been waiting for these Happy Birthday cards for about six weeks, and that’s because I have been. Who knows where the original order is but I was kindly sent out a replacement by express mail and here they are. If anyone you know has a birthday coming up then I’m sure a happy Cakeify with confetti is just what they want.

I am also delighted with my new Jammie Dodger cards, at the top. I had this idea on a train, scribbled it in my notebook and designed and ordered it the next day. I haven’t even shown you my Christmas cards yet and I’m already doing Valentines :)


And two redesigns. The original Prettify sticky notes never came out right so I tweaked them a bit and they’re so much nicer. And, yes, that is a brand new full colour Cakeify and Friends badge set. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old set but I thought an update would be nice. You can still get the old design but I will probably be discontinuing them once I run out. You have been warned!

More to come, so keep an eye on the shop. Giveaway coming soon too!

Also, there’s a special sale on over at DaWanda. If you’ve never bought from my shop before, now’s the time as you’ll get a 15% discount on your order – go have a browse!

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