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End of the month update: December


I’m so late with this but I had a cold for most of December, then went up to my dad’s for Christmas where I recovered just enough to catch another, worse, cold. Waah. I don’t think the 5 hour train journey home from Inverness in an unheated train FULL OF SNOW helped either.

But I wanted to finish off the year and complete the set so here is a half-hearted update. I will probably continue these in 2010 too but with some different sections. iPhone app of the month definitely needs adding!

Books I enjoyed

The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

Uhh, yeah, still on this.

Burn Collector #14 by Al Burian

Al Burian is my favourite zinester, hands down. If you haven’t read his previous Burn Collector books then get on that now. If you’ve ever been unemployed, played in a band, traveled around sleeping on people’s floors or lived in a ridiculous rented house or worked with mentalists, then you’ll love it. If you haven’t done any of those things then Al Burian will make living in a hellhole and working in a copy shop with imbeciles sound the the most awesome thing ever. This little mini book zine is mostly about the amazing world of public transport, yet another aspect of life I can empathise with. SRSLY AWESOME. Get it from Microcosm, home of cool independent publications (the other books should be on Amazon etc.).

Amazonia by James Marcus

Got this from Microcosm too as a) it was in the sale, b) I love Amazon and c) I love reading about inteweb startups. It’s not mind-blowing, but a nice look into the early days of Amazon and how it went  from crazy geeks to corporate globalisation.

A Year in Japan by Kate T Williamson

Such a beautiful book. Kate Williamson is an illustrator who drew scenes from her year long stay in Kyoto. If you’ve been to Japan, it will make you very nostalgic but either way it’s a fascinating and lovely look into the patterns and traditions and quirks of Japan.

Good things I watched

Nothing again! Started on S7 of 24 and have been working my way through the entirety of Alias, but otherwise, bah.

Projects completed

I did a bunch of web stuff but I haven’t updated my portfolio site yet, duh,

Interesting new blogs in my RSS

Facebook Cull – Brilliant new blog by my good friend JGRAM who is culling 1 person from his FB friends every day and explaining why. I’m really enjoying this, as long as he doesn’t cull me.

Exciting things I purchased

– Not very much, due to being sick for most of December. Mostly iPhone apps and Alias box sets and two very warm fleecy jacket things. And a few Christmas presents, though not nearly as many as I intended.

Musical Rediscoveries

Nothing to report here either.

Online sales

Items sold on Shopify: 52
Items sold on Etsy: 4
Items sold on Folksy: 20
Items sold on Dawanda: 11

December was fun because I pretty much got at least one order every day, even Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Very pleased with Folksy this year but I am so close to being done with Etsy. Also, Folksy and DaWanda sent me presents in the post, and Shopify gave me another 5000 amazing new features. Not impressed, Etsy.


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