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Printing and drawing

I Love Buttons bag

Wow, look at me, I’ve actually been printing. I’ve had a few big orders from shops all at the same time so I had to buckle down and make big batches of things (and make a truly frightening stationery print order). It’s never the most fun making loads of the same thing but once you get into a rhythm it’s pretty easy to keep going until you run out of space.


Like so. Not pictured are the other bags perched precariously on a box of notebooks and the ones that were sitting on my lap for lack of any other space.


The only large flat surface in my room is my bed, which is fine for small batches of notepads but absolutely no good for anything that needs to dry overnight.

Cakeify and Friends mini bags

So, thank goodness then for some products that dry instantly and can be piled up at random.

Also, not pictured; me ironing everything before and after printing. Tedious.

(You might spot a couple of new notebook designs there – they’re in the shop and I’ll post more about them tomorrow). Sorry also for the less than brilliant photos – I’ve mentioned the rubbish lighting in my room before I’m sure.

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