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moo cards

If you remember, back in this post, I liked my free cards from Moo so much I was going to get some done for networking purposes. Well, here they are!

As you can see, I’ve gone for a similar idea on one side – a selection of my favourite patterns and illustrations. I can use this as a mini portfolio so people can see my range.


And on the other side is ME. Like I say, these are for networking so not only will the person have a reminder of my work, they’ll also have a reminder of me as a person. The only problem here is that it means I have to make a good impression!

Anyway, I love how they turned out and hope they will help me stand out from the crowd. I’ll be giving them a whirl at Pulse in June – I’m mainly visiting to see how feasible it is for me to take a space there next year, and also to get some inspiration for Super Cute Kawaii, but I’m sure there will be opportunities for networking too. If you’re going, it would be cool to meet you!

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