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Today I want to talk about To-do lists! I always have a to-do list on hand, as otherwise I completely forget to do things. Plus it helps keep track of my random brilliant ideas. Unfortunately, I also forget to write about 50% of the things I need to do on it, but I’m getting better.

Above is a photo of my actual current to-do list. I used to favour the back of an envelope for my lists but I found my Sun and Rain Writing Pads were pretty much perfect for me – lots of lines and lots of space. I like to split my list into mini lists of things to do, things to make, things I’m waiting for in the post etc. But I wanted to design an actual to-do list pad (you can actually see it crossed off on this list, at the top right!)

Busy Bee Organiser

Having figured out my preferences, I then designed this Busy Bee Organising Pad. It’s got separate areas for different lists plus a blank area at the bottom for doodling and freeform listing.

I only got one printed for my own use, but I’d like to sell these too (they’d make a great double pack with the writing pad!) but I want to know if they would suit YOUR to-do list style. How do you organise your tasks? Do you prefer one big list, or areas to write dates or notes?

Tell me about your to-do list, and maybe even post a photo on Flickr , or blog about your current one (leave a comment here with a link so we can see!). If I get some good comments (and you don’t all ignore me!) I’ll pick someone and send them a free notepad once they’re printed. Let’s say by June 1st.

Looking forward to reading about your to-do lists! And I’d love to hear from everyone, doesn’t matter what tasks you keep track of – personal, business or both. Thank you!

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