Free Things!

Volcano iPhone Wallpaper

volcano iPhone wallpaper

Another of my new irregular features is Free Things, whereby I give you….free things. They will probably mostly be desktop/iPhone wallpapers but I promise a few printables too.

To start things off, and to celebrate the fact that our dear grumpy Icelandic volcano friend is apparently quietening down, here’s a volcano iPhone wallpaper. I have this on my iPhone right now, hoping it might somehow keep our forthcoming Japan trip safe from ash clouds. We love you volcano! Please don’t ruin our holidays!

Just click on the image to go to Flickr and download it for your iPhone. I guess this works on iPods too? If you have another type of phone, let me know and I’ll see if I can do that size as well in future.

As always, please abide by my Creative Commons license at Flickr – you can use this on your phone, and re-post it with attribution, but don’t do anything commercial with it.

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