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End of the month update: June

What I Wore - 26th June

Lucky for all of us, I didn’t have my eye infection then. Anyway, it’s all better now. Apart from that, June was good. Lots of sunny days, lots of wholesale orders, new bike, fun mail, visit from my mum. Can’t complain. I don’t really seem to have done much though, as you can see. Well, breaks are good.

Reading, Watching, Playing

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
I’ve been slowly realising that I only know a lot of classic stories from abridged childrens’ books or via films etc. so I’ve been looking out for nice old original editions. I understand why older books need to be modernised a little for younger readers but personally I’m a big fan of archaic language and long-winded plots. Anyway, I found this is a lovely edition in a charity shop which looks more like a bible than a story book and I’m glad to have finally read Robinson Crusoe properly and to discover it fits in perfectly with some of my other favourite adventure stories – Treasure Island, The Lost World etc.

Fantastic Mr Fox
This has been hanging about in my Lovefilm rental list since it was on at the cinema and if I’d know how much I would enjoy it, I’d have bumped it up a lot. While hardly faithful to the book, it’s a delightful romp with so much visual detail. It’s almost too whimsical really but there were enough cute and funny moments that it just got away with it.

Doctor Who
Just a little mention to say how much I’ve enjoyed the latest season. I love the new Doctor, the stories are so much less overblown and it’s just been FUN all season long. Well done all round.

iPhone app of the month

Converter (59p)
You may not have noticed but I spent rather a lot of time recently updating my shop descriptions. Or more exactly, standardising them. I may do a post about the reasoning behind this but I particularly wanted to get my dimensions updated into metric and imperial instead of a mishmash of both. I was doing it with Google first but then I downloaded this app and it was 10x faster. Such a simple interface and it does currency, weight, volume, speed, area, time and data too. Marvellous. If you want it, it’s quite far down the search page for converter so look for Architechies who made it.

Resolution update

– I don’t think I did anything. It’s Summer!

Websites I’ve been enjoying

Everyday Cute (new favourite website – I love this so much)
– It Is Nancy’s New Blog (really sweet what I wore drawings)
–  Oh Joy Eats (a refreshing change from recipe-heavy food blogs)
Craftsville (UK crafty news, views and picks)

Things to look forward to in July

– Manchester, except I’ve already been now :)
– Having a holiday of sorts from freelance work
– Having a stall at Made in the Shade in Edinburgh

New Product Round-up

Bee & Tulip Mug
Busy Bee Organising Pad

Online sales

Items sold on Shopify: 17
Items sold on Etsy: 10
Items sold on Folksy: 12
Items sold on Dawanda: 12

Bit slow again, but I was busy enough with wholesale orders and Super Cute Kawaii so that was fine by me.

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