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GCM Trunk Show at Mucky Puddle

You might be thinking I’m neglecting this blog but I have an actual proper excuse, namely an eye infection. It is pretty gruesome but thankfully not serious – I just have to poke myself in the eye four times a day trying to apply the ointment. Yes, that’s as ewww to do as it sounds.

Lucky for you, I’m showing you a nice photo of my setup at the GCM Trunk Show last weekend, rather than my dodgy eye. We had a lovely day selling things from our vintage suitcases and generally hanging out at Mucky Puddle.

I am still off to Manchester this weekend and thanks lots for all the suggestions of things to do. I am definitely going to check out the amazing Debbie Smyth exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre and was most pleased to hear Piccadilly Records and Afflecks Palace still exist.

While I’m away you may want to spend your pennies at the SCK Super-Duper £1 Sale. Cute bargains galore!

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