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End of the month update: July

what I mostly wore in July

July’s been a strange one. I had a fun trip to Manchester at the beginning and a fun jaunt to Edinburgh yesterday with Claire at the end. The weather has swung madly from torrential rain to beautiful sunshine, so while I’ve been out lots on my bike, I’ve also spent a lot of time trudging around in the rain posting orders and stuff. Hence my most usual outfit above, of cool thin clothes and a raincoat.

Reading, Watching, Playing

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
I got a job lot of Jane Austen books from a charity shop ages ago and have had real trouble getting into them. Having seen the film of Pride and Prejudice recently, I gave it a shot and it was a breeze to read. Hopefully I can get into some of the others now.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Ian Fleming
Starting to be a bit annoying reading these in a random order as they keep mentioning past plot points. Still, it was a quick, fun read.

Not much else to write about. Whoever picks my DVDs at LoveFilm must really want me to finish watching The Sopranos – I’ve pretty much been sent nothing else for the past 3 months. Nearly finished though!

iPhone app of the month

Radio Times (£2.99)
As I often mention, I don’t really watch much TV as it happens, relying more on iPlayer, DVDs and other nefarious means to watch the stuff I want to see. Means I don’t waste time watching ads or get sucked into programmes out of laziness. So why would I spend £3 on a TV listing app? Well, I had my eye infection and holiday arm rest time earlier in the month and this was great for getting me off my computer in the evenings by scheduling some TV time when something good was on. It’s got lots of good features – what’s on now, recommended watching and an easy swipe-swipe-swipe action to zip forward to future listings.

Resolution update

– Well, I have been making a zine about making zines for my Zine Workshop!

Websites I’ve been enjoying

Tumblr – I’ve been posting cute Japanese products on OMG Kawaii and dabbling with other ideas too.
Goodreads – got back into this recently, a virtual library where you can list your books and review them. Handy for seeing how many books you read a year and for keeping note of stuff you want to read in future.

Things to look forward to in August

Zine workshop
– receiving some cards from a new printer – should be a better size and better quality
– going up north to visit my parents

New Product Round-up

Spooky-Wooky Badge Set
Kawaii Animals Badge Set
Button Flowers Thank You Cards
Sun and Rain Letter Set
Geisha Letter Set

Online sales

Items sold on Shopify: 24
Items sold on Etsy: 13
Items sold on Folksy: 26
Items sold on Dawanda: 27

Much busier this month – the DaWanda world cup promotion really bumped up my sales there too.


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