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Holidays (slight return)

My bike

Yes, I am going away again. This time up North to see my family. I’m not taking my bike*, but I will miss it a lot – it’s been great for going round the park and then to sit and read a book, and eat some ice cream, if the ice cream van is around.

Anyway, I’m leaving my shops open but I won’t be shipping any orders until Thursday 26th August, so you can take your time deciding what to buy :)

I’ve scheduled in some posts to keep you entertained during my absence and there is a contest later in the week too. But in the meantime, maybe you could help me with a couple of things.

1. I’m getting more wrapping paper printed. Any requests for patterns, characters or themes you’d like to see? Maybe another of my Spoonflower designs?

2. It wil also soon be time to think about designing my Winter products. I’m considering doing a birthday hanging calendar instead of, or as well as, a 2011 one. Is that something you would be interested in? Basically it has dates but no days on it, so you can keep using it every year and mark birthdays, anniversaries etc. on it. I have a Miffy one which is invaluable to my terrible memory but it’s getting a bit messed up. Birthday calendars seem a very continental thing to me, but maybe that’s nonsense. Do you use one?

3. I keep dithering about whether to add some kind of pick ‘n’ mix badge offer to my shop. Would you like to be able to buy individual badges, or to make up your own personal badge pack?

Thanks for your thoughts! See you in a week.

*This doesn’t mean you can come round and steal it while I’m away. I do have a flatmate.

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