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New cards and big steps

Jammie Dodger card

I’ve made some big steps this past couple of weeks. I feel a bit like Jammie Dodger there, peeking out at the big world. I’ve often said my yardstick of business success would be when I could order hundreds of a new product without the fear that no-one would buy it. I’m still not past that with brand new products – even recently, I only initially made 4 Spooky-Wooky Badge Sets, and ordered 10 Volcano Cards – but I am getting better at ordering large amounts of already-popular products.

New cards

I’ve been working with a new printing company to get new and improved versions of my cards done in bulk. The ones I have are fine but the size is non-standard and these new ones are A6, full colour inside and out, and give me full control of all 4 card sides so I can add my own logo and other fun things. The more wholesale orders I get, and with plans to do a trade show next year, it’s becoming more important that I have more product in stock and that it stands up next to more established companies’ work. So ordering a box of 250 wasn’t too scary.

Jammie Dodger card

My favourite thing about these new cards is getting to pick out coloured envelopes to match each design. Fun times! The all-new Jammie Dodger card with matching red envelope is now in the shop, and other designs will be following over the next few months as they run out / I get wholesale orders / I have money. And maybe next time I design a new card, I’ll manage to order 250 right away and not secretly worry I’ll have 249 of them sitting under my bed 5 years later.

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