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Happy Orange Card

Well, now that the excitement of my rainboots is over (although more to come when I actually get mine!), it’s back to work as usual. I’ve been continuing my card redesigns and two more are now available in a bigger, brighter, more exciting designs complete with coloured envelopes!

Ice Cream Bears Card

It’s quite difficult deciding which designs to order first but the Ice Cream Bears have been a runaway success so they’re always on the verge of selling out, so they were an easy pick. Happy Orange has never sold enormously well but I was never entirely happy with the design so I was glad to have a chance to tweak it. Hopefully he’ll be more popular now.

Happy Orange Card Ice Cream Bears Card

As you can see, I’ve been having great fun designing the insides now that I have full control over everything. It really does make it so much more fun! Even the backs of the cards are cute now.

Busy Bee Organiser Pads

In other heavy parcel news, I also got a box of Busy Bee Organiser Pads which are ever so slightly bigger, and because I bought so many I’ve been able to lower the price to just £5! That’s an absolute bargain for organising your life :)

They’re available in all in my shops now so go take a look!

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