Say Hello to Bread Slice

Bread Slice Brooch

Yay, the Bread Slice Brooches are now in the shop, at a special introductory price of just £5! I’ve been fiddling with the packaging today and they’re all ready to go. I did feel a bit sad imprisoning them in plastic bags but hopefully people will buy them soon and set them free. They look happy enough anyway, I guess.

You may also note the shop has had an Autumnal makeover. I am not really ready to let Summer go but in the last week I’ve made soup, ditched my shorts for long trousers and even considered wearing a jumper so I guess there’s no escaping the fact.

The more beady-eyed of you may notice a new spooky product in the homepage picture – they’re in the mail as we speak! Sadly, the birthday calendars have been delayed due to an equipment problem at the printers but I hope to see them soon.

And finally, you should read this awesome article about my Sew Cute rainboots.With my pairs still somewhere between Manila and Glasgow, I was very interested to read about what they’re like in real life.

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