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Birthday Calendars, at last!

Birthday Calendar

Yay, my birthday calendars finally arrived! They are perfect this time and I’m really happy to have them available in the shop!

If you’ve never had a birthday calendar before, they are brilliant! Instead of having to write down everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries every year in your new calendar, you write them on your birthday calendar and use it every year. I have mine hanging by the mirror in my bedroom so I can always see whose birthdays are coming up. And when you get to the end of December, you just flip back to January and start again.

Birthday Calendar

The whole calendar is completely designed by me with seasonal, matching illustrations at the top and bottom plus plenty of room for your names. It comes with a nice bright cover, a cardboard backing and a loop for hanging. Want one? Get them in my shop!

Birthday Calendar

Amusing anecdote of the day: these calendars arrived in a surprisingly heavy box. Inside I found my calendars sitting on top of someone else’s order of calendars. And what kind of calendars? BUNNY calendars! Of all the things to send me! I’m hoping they can come pick them up because if not, what on earth am I going to do with 50 bunny calendars?

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