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A note on my Tokyo zines

Might Soxor

I am planning on writing some new zines about my latest Japan trip so here’s the deal on what that means for my current zines.

Tokyo Shopping Guide
I will be writing a pretty much all new updated and fantastic shopping guide zine with new shops, location guides, shopping tips and sections on Kyoto and Osaka too. With that in mind, I will not be reprinting my current guide when it sells out (I have about 20 copies left). After that it will only be available as a PDF until the new guide is ready (hopefully first quarter of 2011). I’ll also be updating my blog posts with any new info and shops as I write it.

10 Days in Tokyo
I took notes again and plan to write another travelogue type zine about this trip. It will be available as a limited edition print run whenever it’s ready and then also as a PDF. The current 10 Days zine will not be reprinted after it sells out (I have about 8 copies left) but will be available as a PDF. At some point I will put together a combination zine or book with both trips and some stuff about my first trip to Japan which I never wrote about.

So, basically, if you want a printed zine get it now before they sell out. And if you’re heading to Japan over the next few months, make sure to check the online guide for any updates. I will do some kind of discount on the new guide for anyone who buys in in the weeks before the new one launches.

Shinsaibashi, Osaka

I’m still uploading loads of Japan photos to Flickr – have a look!

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