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More Snow


Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted anything interesting for ages – all I have to show you is more snow and more photos of my snowboots. Those are my feet this time.

The snow has been pretty insane here and deliveries have been delayed so a few of my products are slowly going out of stock while I wait for resupplies. If there’s anything you really want, best get on it now.

I have been getting the majority of orders shipped out as usual so hopefully there won’t be any delays at your end. And just a quick reminder that last posting dates for Christmas are OVER for everyone outside of Western Europe. Europeans have got until 12pm on Monday to get your orders in, and UK folks until the following Monday. But don’t delay – shop now!

I’d also like to thank everyone who has already placed an order – I can say without a doubt that this has been my most successful month ever and it’s pretty thrilling to be stomping off to the postbox in the snow with a sack of orders. Yay!

Promise I’ll be back soon with Japan stuff and more. I’ve already got a few half-written posts on the go so it’s not an empty promise. I just need some spare time!

Bridgeton Cross

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