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So, it’s December and you better have started your Christmas shopping! If anyone’s thinking of buying me a gift, then here are some things I would like. Well, my friends and family do read this blog!

A lovely hand-printed teatowel from Ink & Spindle. I so nearly bought this for myself but the shipping is a bit steep to the UK, sob. Aw, they fixed the shipping for me so I already bought this – I didn’t want to miss out!

This ace screen printed We Make Posters poster by Telegramme. So awesome.

I also have stuff in my Etsy favourites, like this adorable keyring from Mochikaka, but anything on there would make me happy. Some things are sold out but the sellers will probably have more in their shops.

And there is tons of stuff on my Amazon Wish List, which is even handily organised by how much I want stuff (and secondhand copies are totally fine). And if you still can’t decide, I will never ever turn my nose up at Amazon gift vouchers.

To be honest though, I’m not really that bothered about Christmas presents – I already have So Much Stuff. So no-one please feel pressurised into buying me anything – I’ll be quite happy with a card :)

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