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A Book, By Me!

My Book!

Look what I got in the post today? A book written by me! Before you get too excited, it’s a self-published book, so don’t expect to find it in your local Waterstones, but it’s still an actual real life book. It’s super cute too at just 7.5″ square.


See, it has loads and loads of pages – 67 in fact! All of which are full of writing, photographs and illustrations about my three Japan trips. If you’ve read my Ten Days in Tokyo zine, then you’ll know what to expect – I had planned to do a similar zine of my most recent trip but I wanted to include illustrations and they would lose half their appeal in photocopy. So instead, I made a book. I’ll write more about the process later but suffice to say, it was a massive and brain-melting task.


Want a peek inside? Here’s the mini shopping guide of all my favourite shops in Japan. It also has pages of tips and resources and drawings of things I wore and bought. Plus there’s loads of photos and it’s in full colour throughout with a lovely glossy cover!

Back cover

Speaking of which, this is the back cover, which I love most of all. Check out the barcode – amazing. I need to make a few tweaks to the content and then it will be available to buy via Lulu (and I think eventually through Amazon too – imagine!). I’ll also release a PDF version as the actual book will be on the pricey side.

Hurray! I hope you like it!

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