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I’ve decided to make it official (or at least public) and commit to having a regular Admin Day. That sounds really dull but it’s going to totally improve my business. Here’s what I’ll be doing on my Admin Days (and you should too!).

1. Re-check my prices

Supplies costing more, or less? Postage gone up? Currency conversion changed dramatically? Run out of those free envelopes? All these things affect my costs, and thus my profits. And also potentially my sales, if someone decides against a purchase because my €/$ prices or postage costs are now completely inaccurate. I’m going to do this at least every quarter, and/or after I make a large restock of a product.

Bonus tip! Use it as a sales opportunity. Work out your new prices and then use your blog, Twitter, newsletter etc. to tell your best customers which products will be going up in price so they get a few days to pick up something cheap!

2. Sort all those receipts

I am awesome at doing my online accounts every month but somehow I always seem to forget about that pile of paper receipts stacking up by my bed. Considering that’s mainly bus tickets, pound shop envelope purchases and special Post Office trips (Recorded Delivery etc.), it can make quite a difference to my monthly figures. Plus it’s a right mess. And without accurate accounts, how can I do point 1?

3. Do the online housework

If I don’t update things regularly, it’s easy to forget and then I discover they’ve been stagnating for 6 months. A regular day to do all those boring tasks will be a big help. This includes adding new products to my Gallery, sending stuff to my newsletter signups, updating my wholesale product list, adding new work to my portfolio site, changing the featured products on my homepage, Etsy, DaWanda etc. Regular updates are sure to keep people more interested than big dumps of stuff every few months.

4. Do regular stock takes

I’ve tried many many ways of keeping track of what I sell/use against what I have in stock and none of them work because they require me to do something every time I make a sale and I am easily distracted. If I try and do a batch at once, then I forget which orders I already marked, or run dangerously low before I get there. I’m going to make a list of the things I run out of regularly and just check those weekly. The rest can fare for themselves (it’ll be a while before I sell all 250 Jammie Dodger cards). I’m also going to be packaging more stuff up in advance – it takes up more room but it’s a better early warning system for low stock and saves time on shipping days too.

5. Check in with my stockists

I have awesome stockists but we’re all busy people and sometimes we fall out of touch. I’m going to make more of an effort to check in with them personally (and definitely not in a mass email way!) to see how things are going and let them know about any new products I have available. I should also take the time to get back in touch with potential stockists who never made an order and look for new shops to approach.

Then make something fun, for free!

Okay, so this isn’t boring admin, but once I’ve done my boring admin I’m going to treat myself to some no pressure fun designing time! Especially the sort of designing that isn’t for products or clients but just for the heck of it. So expect more freebie wallpapers and downloads and things. Yay!

What do you reckon? Want to join me? I’m going to do this on Sundays as a start because I hardly ever leave the house on a Sunday and I may as well have something to show for myself at the end of the day.

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