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Admin Day Update

promo postcards

Here’s what I accomplished! I did start some of this on Saturday too.

  • – Receipts all added – some went back to October, oh dear.
  • – Did a stock take and made a new spreadsheet of just the stuff I don’t keep in large amounts
  • – Re-ordered low stock items
  • – worked on 5 orders for new and established stockists
  • – packaged up loads of badges, gift wrap sets, cards, Bread Slice brooches etc.
  • – finally designed packaging for the acrylic charms – they look cute!
  • – updated my gallery
  • – updated the customer reviews in my shop with recent feedback.
  • – ordered new notepads (wait and see) and got some more badges made for me.
  • – booked a hotel for an event I’m doing in July (wait and see! etc.)
  • – designed up some promo postcards for my book!

The only thing I didn’t really manage was designing something for fun. BUT I did print out something awesome and framed it on the wall just because it made me happy, so that’s good enough I think. I wish there was some decent daylight so I could take some photos of my room.

promo postcards

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