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Fire in Tokyo

I love Japan so much it’s heartbreaking to watch the events currently unfolding after the earthquake and tsunami. On the other hand, it’s amazing to see how well the Japanese infrastructure has handled it, thanks to their earthquake protection and building codes. The one thing that stuck out for me was a mention that Suntory vending machines have an emergency lever that allows people to get free drinks. It’s that sort of kindly trusting forward-thinking behaviour that sums up Japan for me.

So I need to do a little bit to help. All the reasons I love Japan are described in my book so for this week, if you buy the PDF edition of my Kawaii Japan book, I will give 100% of the money to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. You get to read about why Japan is so amazing and we all get to help Japan get back to being amazing as soon as possible.

(Tokyo photo by shoottokyo)

UPDATE: Thanks for the sales so far! I’ve changed my donation target to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal, now that they have a specific Japan fund.

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