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When I was going through my bookmarks for my monthly update, I realised I had bookmarked a whole load of great advice, so here it all is together. Inspiring stuff!

– Melody Miller posting about the long road to success is so spot-on – people really have an idea that success happens overnight. It DOES of course, but usually to people who have put in years of work in preparation.

Lara Cameron on the self-perpetuating myth of successful creative business owner with perfect life, family and home (she forgot the red shoes). High five! More honesty from creative bloggers please. We’re all human.

– Crafting an MBA on how products are never ‘finished’ and you need to give up perfection and get on with it. “You can’t profit from ideas. You profit from execution”. Damn straight.

– Lizzy House at WhipUp – great tips on creating your own niche in a saturated industry (fabric design), but these tips are universal.

– George Monbiot’s career advice. Amazing advice – these are words to live by. If you want a job doing something then start doing it instead of waiting for your dream opportunity to arrive. It seems so obvious but so few people are willing to make the leap. This is also universal and what I started doing a while back – want to be a fabric designer? Make a collection on Spoonflower. Want to design more fun websites? Redesign your website in a hyper-kawaii style = no more enquiries about boring sites. Once you’ve proved you can do something, people will want more and be willing to pay you for it. Plus, for creatives, the best bit of doing it for yourself is you get to keep all the profits for yourself!

(And the Nice Advice postcards are by hellojenuine. I have the do something excellent one on my wall)

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