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I’m back!

New badge sets

Well, mostly. My stitches are now out and everything’s healing well, but I’m not quite 100% yet – it still takes me 3 times as long to do anything. I have managed to pack up all existing orders and should get them posted tomorrow. Sorry again for the wait!

I’ve got lots to blog about – my birthday trip to London, my birthday presents and my monthly update but using the shift button on my keyboard is pretty much the most painful thing I can do at the moment (short of hitting my hand against the wall) so typing takes a while, using different fingers!

Cutie Fruity Friends badge set

In the meantime, more and more badge sets are arriving in the shop. Some look just the same (Cakeify, I Like Bears, Vintage Flowers), some have been redesigned (Cutie Fruity Friends) and one is brand new! Well, 50% new. I’ve taken the sun and rain cloud from the old Forest Friends set and made a new Kawaii Skies set with a happy balloon and grumpy volcano – fun for everyone!

Kawaii Skies badge set

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to work on my other projects soon – I am the worst person at doing nothing so these past two weeks have been torture. Back soon!

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