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Jo & Ryan's Wedding

I’ve been having a busy year, but this last week has been extra extra busy! Friends of mine got married on Friday which was awesome. I designed all their stationery, menus, table plan etc. so of course we had a last minute disaster and I had to have some stern words with the printers to get the orders of service here stat! Thankfully, it all worked out in the end and everything looked great.

Jo & Ryan's Wedding

It was such a lovely day and I got to catch up with good friends and wear my pretty red shoes – what more could you want? I especially liked the flowers – these carnations in vintage teacups were so sweet!


Spring does finally seem to be in the air, but I’ve mostly been stuck indoors putting together packages for lots of new and old stockists and then packing up all the breakables and general Stuff in my bedroom to clear some space for our new windows to be installed.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

That happened today, so I ran away to Edinburgh to drop off stuff at Hannah Zakari and have a little wander around the shops. Unsurprisingly, I came home with Paperchase goodies, fancy chocolate and a book.

I ended up taking a walk up Calton Hill, which has lots of interesting monuments and things, plus amazing views of the city and Firth of Forth. It was such a bright clear day, I could see really far. I almost expected to see Mt Fuji in the distance :)

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

And now I have a brand new weather-tight, noise-proof window complete with a big windowsill! I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can rearrange my room a bit and put all my kawaii back on display. I’ll try and take some photos. But first I need some sleep…

PS. We’re closing the Super Cute Kawaii shop so there’s a big Closing Down Sale going on. It’s going to free up a bit of time for a new project I have in mind. Wait and see!

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