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It’s time to pick the winners! Thanks everyone who entered – there were lots of great questions. The main thing I learned is that I appear to be extremely content with my life – I don’t want to live anywhere else, I don’t want to do any other job, I don’t really want to go anywhere in a time machine. It’s true though – I am doing exactly what I want to be doing, and a lot of that is thanks to you guys!

So, anyway, the winner is sfer, because I picked my favourite questions without checking the comments and discovered 3 of them were by her, so that was a clear win.

My favourite was Is it hard for you to balance work/family/free time? Do you have any tips on that? as I’d never really written about that, and people seem to be quite taken by my reply. I do think setting a schedule is the best thing I’ve done since going self-employed.

I also liked Imagine you wake up tomorrow only to learn you have won A LOT of money at the lottery. What would you do that day?, as it’s always fun to think about that.

Congratulations sfer! I’ll email you soon so you can choose your fabric.

I also picked three runners-up:

Angeliki, who asked some fun questions about Glasgow including
what is that you like so much in Glasgow?what makes it special for you in Glasgow?

Robin, who asked what’s your favorite part of the creative process?.

Erin Ferree, who asked Why do you like bunnies so much?, a question many people probably wonder :)

They all win a surprise package of stuff from my shop.

One bad bit of news: Spoonflower is currently about 4-5 weeks behind on printing orders so not only will the winner have a big wait for their fabric but it’ll be a while before I can put my new designs up for sale as I need to order swatches of them all first. Booo. Hopefully they’ll get caught up soon.

Feel free to ask any other questions you have any time, and I’ll probably do this again next year too.

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