My New Venture

So, my new side-venture is a zine distro, an online shop selling zines and self-published books! Obviously zines and zinemaking is very important to me so I thought it was time to share the love.

I’ll be stocking zines and books by me, my friends and people I admire and they’ll all be things I’ve read and loved myself. To help with that, I’m focusing on certain subjects, which may or may not be clear from the web icons above – Japan, travel, illustration, crafts and personal stories.

I’m hoping to be able to open shop at the end of the month but I’m still looking for awesome things to stock so if you make zines, or know of any good ones I would like then please email me at And if you completed my zine challenge (or when you do), I’ll be happy to give your zine a chance in the shop.

As well as selling zines, I’ll also be offering publishing help ranging from free advice to design and print services, so if you want to make a zine but don’t know how to lay it out for printing, or how to create a PDF version, I’ll be able to help you out for very reasonable prices.

I’ll be back with more details nearer the time but start saving your pennies for some great new reading.

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