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Weekend Work

Having zero interest in the Royal Wedding and with Glasgow plagued with crazy winds, I spent the bank holiday weekend working! Project Clearout is now back on track and I think this is my last lot of stuff to sell on eBay. There’s some good stuff up, including a pile of cotton fabric, a load of magazines (including Craft), my old Polaroid camera and a book of cool Scandinavian knitting patterns. I don’t even knit but I like the patterns a lot. There’s also some sewing thread, vintage make your own buckles packs and a few cute things so please have a look and help me clear some space!

While digging around in my blog organising Tokyo Shopping Guide stuff, I was reminded that I never got to complete my Bangkok Shopping Guide ‘cos of all the protests and things. To make up for that, I’ve posted up the entire short version (from my Thailand zine), along with some nice photos so hopefully it will still be of some help to anyone taking a trip there.

New Super Cute Kawai

I also finally updated Super Cute Kawaii with a fun new look. I started the redesign before the whole hand incident so it was good to get this finished at last. I guarantee we are the only blog in the universe that has a skiing cinnamon bun on staff.

And, I ordered some new wrapping paper! You’ll have to wait and see what design I got. Which reminds me, I need to order the matching tags and stickers now.

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