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Tokyo Shopping Guide almost done!

The new Tokyo Shopping Guide

I have been working like a crazy person lately, trying to meet all my deadlines. I am determined to get the new Tokyo Shopping Guide finished this month and so far all is going well! I only have a few pages left to finish and then it will need tidying up, but I’m confident I can get it on sale next month. As well as all the new shops, it’s going to have area guides, bits on Osaka and Kyoto, other fun non-shopping places to visit and some general tips. Plus page numbers! Woo. I’m sure they’ll be extremely useful but it’s hard work keeping all the references correct.

I’m toying with a colour cover, but I don’t want to have to raise the price too much – it’s definitely going to be more expensive either way as it’s about 10 times bigger than the previous guide. I will keep you posted!

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