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Tokyo Shopping Guide Pre-order Offer

So, it’s finally finished and here is the cover! I’ll be getting the actual zines printed up in the next week or two, but until they arrive you can take advantage of my special pre-order offer. Buy the printed zine for an introductory price of £2 and you’ll get a free copy of the PDF zine sent to your email, with the print zine following on as soon as they arrive here.

It’s very likely the price will rise, as I want a colour cover this time, so don’t miss out! As soon as I have the printed zines, this offer will be removed. You can buy the printed zine in my shop, or if you just want the PDF, head over to pushpin for instant delivery.

As you can see from the shop description, this new version has area guides, mini Osaka and Kyoto guides, fun things to do in Tokyo and some tips for visiting Japan (and page numbers!). Anyone who’s bought my previous guide or my Kawaii Japan book will find some duplication but the majority is all new, though of course based heavily on my free online guide.

It feels really good to have this finished – I can’t wait to get started on my next projects!

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