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Shipping Day

Ages ago, Laura of Lupin blogged her box of shipping supplies and I made a note to do the same sometime since I also ship out of a box – a shoebox, even! I lack space so everything business-related needs to get packed in a box and stacked up out of the way. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in how I pack and ship my orders.

This is everything inside that box! Clockwise from bottom left: address, do not bend and other labels, Japanese stickers for sealing paper bags, box of business cards and thank you cards, stacks of postcards for promo and extra notes, hellojenuine bookmarks for pushpin orders, paper bags and little envelopes for wrapping up the order items, Magic Tape, larger padded, paper and poly envelopes.

Not in the box but always near to hand: digital scales for internet postage, Lazy Oaf hot dog tape, customs labels I print myself (they should be in the box) and my secret weapon – an old tissue box – by far the greatest receptacle for those horrendously annoying strips of plastic you pull off self-sealing envelopes and cello bags that stick to your fingers. Also my Smash Hits yearbook, which is a good size when I need a flat surface.

Hopefully one day I will have space for a proper shipping area. As it is, I always have to get up at least 3 times to fetch things I forgot – usually larger envelopes, bubble wrap and the scales. I always forget the scales.

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