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Giant Bunnies, and more

Giant Bunnies!

We found this family of giant bunnies outside Spitalfields Market in London – aren’t they ace? My new life motto is, ‘you can never go in the wrong direction; you can just find some giant bunnies instead’. While we were technically going in the wrong direction for the Renegade Craft Market, I was even happier with giant bunnies and a spot to eat the giant brownie we’d just purchased. Renegade was cool, but I forgot to take any photos, and didn’t buy anything, so maybe have a look at Kim from Finest Imaginary’s blog post instead. Legoland still to come – I’m waiting on my sister’s photos of me being an idiot.

In other news:

1. We got over 25 Likes on Facebook so go enter the giveaway to win a half-size Busy Bee Organiser.

2. Keep the Pocket Ghosts giveaway entries coming! In the interests of fairness (especially since my own mother entered!), I’ve not clicked any of the links yet. I’ll open them all up on Friday and pick my favourites and then see who posted them. I will say that I already own this adorable t-shirt so try again!

3. The Moon was ginormous last night. I wished I could show you what it looks like through my little telescope and actually I kind of can! My photo is a bit fuzzy but still, THE MOON.

The Moon

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