Me Me Me



I haven’t been feeling 100% awesome the last few days so apologies for the blog break. Here’s a photo of my mini-me minifig I made at Legoland. You can build 3 minifigs for £5 which I thought was quite the bargain. However, we were pretty lucky that they had hair and faces that looked a bit like us – there’s not a huge amount of choice and zero options for redheads. To be fair, it’s not advertised as making yourself, just getting some cool non-standard figures, but it seems like the obvious thing to do (or maybe I am self-obsessed?).

Obviously, I got myself a space suit and Mini-me is currently hanging out on the wing of my Lego space shuttle. Hijinks with the Hubble Space Telescope that came with it are no doubt to follow. More on Legoland soon.

ALSO. I didn’t get to promote the pocket ghosts giveaway and it only has a few measly entries so I’m reopening it until midday on Friday 21st October. If I don’t get more than 15 entries, I’ll keep them for myself so tell your friends!

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