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Moo Prize Parcel

You may remember I won a runner-up prize in Moo’s City Sticker contest? Well, I thought you might like to see what I bought with my prize money. It was actually way harder than you might imagine since I didn’t want to spend it all on business stuff, but on fun things for me.

new business cards

My favourite item is my new business cards. They are double-sided – by day web designer! by night, idiot! I like them a lot and imagine they’ll be sufficiently memorable for anyone I hand them to.


I also got loads of greetings cards for my own personal use, including some with drawings of myself on them. As you do.

thank you cards

Plus some cool thank you cards featuring my favourite Hipstamatic photos from the last year. You should probably send me something awesome so that I can thank you with one of these.

I did also get some business-related stuff, some of which will be in the shop soon. The rest went on stickers aplenty, so much so that all orders over about £5 will be getting free stickers for the next while. Hurray!

Big thanks to Moo for such an ace prize. I highly recommend all their products – the print quality is always great and they have a fast turnaround. Or would have, if my local delivery office hadn’t left it sitting on a shelf for two weeks without telling me!

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