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Hello Cakeify fabric

I’ve been working on some new fabric designs recently, with the plan of getting the swatches on free shipping day. However, I could not get this Cakeify design to work. I wish I’d kept all the stages it went through so you could see the trials of repeat patterns! I finally got it to work, exactly 18 minutes after free shipping day ended. Luckily, I have lots of free Spoonflower money, thanks to all the awesome people who keep buying my fabric – there are going to be lots of gingerbread men on Christmas trees this year!

So, swatches are ordered including Hello Cakeify in the four colours above. Which is your favourite? I can’t decide between the blue and the grey. Or the pink. Sadly, there is not much chance I will receive them to check before 2-for-1 Fat Quarter Day on the 28th, but you never know.

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