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Hello iPhone


While the best thing about having a new iPhone is, well, having a new iPhone, that actually works properly, the second best thing is getting to buy new accessories to make it cute.

I had the case made at society6 with my own design. If I’d known I was going to order Cakeify tote bags I may not have gone with something quite so matchy but I love it anyway. It’s a Casemate case and I prefer it to the Zazzle ones as it’s all plastic and doesn’t get grubby. It’s quite hard to fit it on properly though.


My adorable Rilakkuma screen protector is from Japan via Rakuten. I’ll post some more about Rakuten soon as it was a bit of an adventure. And the super cute Saturn screen saver is by Pasquale D’Silva.

I also have some awesome Zelda ringtones (from the soundtracks on Zelda Universe). It still amuses me greatly to hear the new heart container noise every time I get  a text message. I am easily pleased.

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