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So, my very short holiday craft market season is over, and the Holiday Hullabaloo was a fantastic day. Definitely my most profitable market to date and everyone was so nice too. I gave out hundreds of free cookie ornament postcards, introduced a lot of people to the world of zines and barely got a chance to sit down all day. Good times. I was too busy to take any photos but the one above of my stall is by Made in the Shade. Here’s a few more pics of my own from the past few weeks.

1. Lucky bags! I have a few left, which I’ll be popping in orders this week.
2. Filling a crate with stuff to take to market. Those cookies were popular!

3. Adorable little poker chip necklace sent to me by Hannah Zakari.
4. Jam-less Jammie Dodger notebooks in progress.

5. The winter madness in George Square. It looks like summer – it was actually freezing.
6. The joys of winter – almost full moon at twilight.

If you’ve got an iPhone/iPod Touch you can follow my photos on Instagram (marcelinesmith) or if not, there’s Instagrid, and I post the best ones on Flickr too.

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