Day in the Life, Me Me Me

Things I did on February 1st

I wasn’t really prepared for Day in the Life, but I jotted some things down so here you go. Sorry I didn’t take a single photo!

What I Did

1. Won a luxury champagne cruise for 2 on Loch Lomond in the work draw. Unexpected!

2. Invited Claire on aforesaid cruise as our joint birthday outing. Let’s hope for some reasonably warm weather .

3. Got a payslip in the post and NOTHING ELSE. Lame post for 8 days and counting

4. Wondered how exactly they get Amazon super saver parcels to arrive 5 days later than standard mail. Is it a special service via Belgium? Claire suggests yaks are involved. To be fair, I remember when I worked at the sorting office, the second class mail would get ditched under the table the very second even a single first class letter arrived.

5. Discovered it was also Hourly Comic Day and enjoyed following Edward Ross’s day.

6. Was so cold I had to go find a warmer jumper, and actually put socks on.

7. Watched people slowly start bidding on the Plan B magazines I listed on eBay at the weekend. Please take them so I don’t have to bin them.

8. Checked on all my printing products – all still queued for printing, sigh.

9. Wondered if I might be getting addicted to sourdough bread

10. Paid my Etsy and Folksy bills. $20 to Etsy, how did that happen?

11. Got a bit excited when Pusheen the Cat requested to follow me on Twitter

12. Coveted a Japanese enamel kettle

13. Bought the live action Paradise Kiss DVD from YesAsia. I hope the subtitles aren’t too atrocious and the adaptation also isn’t too atrocious.

14. Made pancakes for dinner. Because I can. And it’s almost Pancake Day.

15. Randomly made an Etsy treasury of mountains (see top of post).

16. Had a peek at the Moon, Jupiter and Venus all hanging out together

17. Ditched all my plans and went to bed at 9:30pm because it was cold and I was tired out. Mind you, I read for hours.

What I Ate

An actual proper breakfast of cereal, oats, 9 hours out of date yogurt, half a banana and a cup of tea. A hardboiled egg on sourdough toast, cheese on sourdough bread, some carrot sticks and a cup of coffee for lunch. A bag of Quavers. Some dark chocolate caramels from Thorntons. Some water. A ham and cheese pancake. Peppermint tea.

Check out Nikki’s blog to read about everyone else’s days.

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