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Zazzle Update Madness

More Zazzle Pillows

I might have gone a little bit crazy updating my Zazzle store, but there’s just so many cool things to add my designs to. Like pillows, in all my favourite patterns. You may spot some new patterns too, coming soon to Spoonflower.

Zazzle iPad Cases

Or iPad cases, which are great fun for trying out different edging and lining colours. I kind of really want an iPad now. Luckily, they also do laptop covers so I might get on that next.

Zazzle Breakfast Plates

And plates! Plastic plates, but still awesome for your summer picnics! And yes, there is one of Monsieur Le Bun with ‘bon appetit!’ on it.

You can see all this and more at my Zazzle store. US prices but they ship worldwide. Sign up for their emails to get some great discounts.

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