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Return of the Zine Challenge


Remember my Zine Challenge? Following a successful zine workshop in Glasgow, I challenged you all to make a zine by the end of 2010. Some people did it and some are selling well at Pushpin Zines too. Others (including myself!) didn’t quite manage it. Well, there’s been some new interest in the idea, and some of the past challengers have been talking about making a new issue so I’ve decided to bring it back.

Starting on July 1st, I’ll be challenging everyone to make and publish a zine by July 1st 2013. That’s basically it. It’s a personal challenge so it doesn’t matter what your zine is about, how many copies you make or whether you make any money from it – what matters is that you take your first steps into self-publishing or get back on the horse if you’ve been putting off that difficult second issue.

All you need is an idea, so get your thinking caps on and you’ll find out more on the 1st. I’ll be running it over at Pushpin Zines this time and it will be a bit easier to keep track of things. There are prizes and incentives too – excited?

The photo at the top is just some of the great zines I’ve bought or been sent recently. I’ll be posting about them all over at I Like Zines soon but many are up for sale at Pushpin if you can’t wait (they are all great!).

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