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Happy Post + MT decorating

Cute Japanese stamps

If there’s anything worse than this ridiculous ‘Summer’ weather we’re having, it’s that my mail deliveries have been equally bizarre. I have so many exciting things in the mail system just now and the various postal services are bringing me maybe one a week, interspersed with the odd bit of dull mail.

So I’m glad at least a few things have made it through my letterbox, especially when they have cute Japanese stamps! Inside this was some mt casa masking tape dots, which I bought for this purpose:

I polka dotted my ikea drawers with mt dots :)

I love that chest of drawers (IKEA obvs) but it’s kind of boring. I realised mt dots would be perfect to brighten it up and I found some great polka dot patterns at Washimatta so now I have polka dot polka dots!  I feel some more masking tape decorating coming on…

I highly recommend Washimatta too – everything is always beautifully packaged and you get awesome free gifts too, like pastel striped twine.

Amazing freebies too.

Also good – surprise post! Big thanks to Laura for my surprise blogaversary parcel. If anyone else wants to send me surprise post, please do feel free, especially if it’s as cute as this. I also got something else exciting recently, but it deserves a post of its own.

Surprise post from Laura Donald!

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