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Let’s Go Bowling

Tiny Bunny Bowl

Or, more accurately, let’s look at pictures of all the cute bowls I own. I’m a big fan of bowls and use them for pretty much everything.

At the top is a little bunny bowl I recently rescued from being a place to dump small things in my bedroom. Now I use it for fruit and biscuits and other small snacks. I think it was from the Japancentre.

Cupcake head Happy cat salad

My other favourite small bowls – the bear head is also from Japancentre and makes everything look hilarious – cupcake head! (that cupcake is from Cup by the way and was awesome). The cat bowls were a gift and I had four, but one of them caused my hand slashing incident so now I have three.

Noodle Bowls

My plastic noodle bowls from Paperchase are mostly for decoration as they’re so adorable and also eating noodles out of plastic bowls is a bit weird for me. I’m still always tempted when they bring out a new one though.

Bunny Bowl Bunny Bowl

And my pride and joy – the pink bunny bowl I carried home from my first trip to Japan! I love this loads and mostly use it for cereal or dessert. I was very happy to see they were still for sale last time we visited Tokyo so there’s always hope if I break it. I got this at Passport in Sunshine City.


And finally, here’s a look at all my cute and colourful glasses – I love glasses too. If there’s one thing I will never understand, it’s people who buy 8 glasses or bowls in the same design. I prefer some variety – it’s much more fun.

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