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One task on my to-do list this weekend was to update the colours in my forthcoming mini pillow kits, which means ordering new swatches from Spoonflower. This should have taken about 15 minutes, but to get a discount, I really needed to order 15 swatches. So I finished off a couple of designs I’ve been working on and made some co-ordinates for the mini pillows and then updated my old tea towel calendars to 2013. Along the way I accidentally came up with the pastel hearts above, which is one element of another design. I liked them so much, I had to make a new pattern. And then the afternoon was gone. I can’t be too upset though, because I am pretty excited about these new fabrics and because I learned a new skill.

The pastel hearts is a ditsy print, or scatter print, where there are loads of tiny elements that face in all different directions. It should be pretty difficult to spot where the pattern repeats. While ditsy prints look great and have many more uses than a directional print, they are very time-consuming to create. As always, things that look random are often the complete opposite.

I hope the fabric gets here soon!

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