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New Shop!

I’ve been a bit quiet this last week because TA-DA! I redesigned my shop. It’s a big change and I’m very happy with it. I hope you like it too!

I actually ended up paying for the base theme so that I could have a responsive design, which means I no longer need a separate mobile site, hurrah. It’s quite hard to get into the mindset that paying other people to do things is worthwhile (especially things I could do myself) but it totally is. I’d rather spend my time on the fun stuff like images and coding up cool custom features. Plus with my hourly rate, it’s way cheaper too.

Anyway, have a browse around and let me know if you spot anything wonky. I spent much of the weekend rewriting all my info pages and fixing up my product descriptions. The amount of typos and nonsensical stuff that had crept in over the years was truly terrifying.

I’m also very excited about some new products that are at the printers. The first should be here this week and will be a freebie with all orders until Halloween (which might give you a clue…).

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