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I’m away for a few days this week, but if you get bored you can have a browse through my archives. I added these pictorial archives to the new improved Super Cute Kawaii and thought I might as well do it here too. It’s much more fun browsing things like my Japan posts and especially my monthly updates. It’s been a bit of a cringefest looking through some of the early posts – such terrible photos and my products were really far what they are now! Anyway, feel free to have a look around.

This is the first stage in an overhaul of my website, which I am itching to get started on. I’ve been working with a lot of interesting web design clients over the summer and I’ve learned a lot of new tricks I want to add to my own site. When I will have the time is anyone’s guess though.

And if you’re ordering anything from my shops – I’ll be shipping again on Friday.

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