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Badge Sale

I have a new badge set currently being made which should be up for sale in the next week or so. To make room for new designs, I’m discontinuing 4 of my current badge sets. Four badges from these 16 will return as a new badge set and the rest will be gone FOREVER (unless you find one in my badge tub at a market)!

So, if you’re a fan of I Like Bears, Kawaii Skies, Summer Fun or Vintage Flowers, or just a fan of bargains, go snap them up, for almost half price! I have varying amounts of each left so they could disappear at any time.

Check out the SALE section for all the badge sets, plus more discounted goodness, including  very very limited amounts of my previous Christmas card designs. They won’t be coming back either.

(yes, I do have a new Christmas card design for this year, and no, I won’t be showing it to you until I at least need to wear a coat outside).

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