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Bigger Better Letter Sets

My various Letter Sets have been very popular since I started selling them, but I’ve had a few messages asking if I’ll ever make larger sizes. Well, now I do! I’ve been thinking about it for a while but the other week I realised what I needed was custom printed envelopes. It took me a lot of web searching but I finally found what I needed and aren’t they adorable?

While these sets are a bit more pricey than the mini ones, you do get 12 sheets of paper, 6 envelopes and 6 stickers so it’s a pretty good deal. Letter writing folks should go pick one up in the shop for £5. If these do well, I will look into getting some more designs made.

Bunny Squares Letter Set

nb. Before anyone emails me, no I’m not going to tell you where I got my envelopes printed. It’s starting to depress me how many people just want to shoot off an email to someone instead of doing their own research. I’m always happy to give advice to fellow creatives and I recommend some of my favourite printers in my FAQ but asking for a direct source is kind of bad manners, not to mention lazy. /end rant.

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